By Olivia Obijiaku :

In response to the negative effects of insecurity in Rimau Deanery, as narrated by the Secretary of the Deanery, Mr. Iliya Danboyi at the just concluded 2023 Kaduna Archdiocesan Pastoral Council/General Assembly which took place at the Catholic Social Centre the Catholic Social Center, Independence Way, Kaduna between Wednesday 10th and Friday, 12th May, 2023, the Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, His Grace, Most Revd. Dr. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso disclosed that the Church is the most affected of the hazard.

His Grace who condemned the level of syncretism among the faithful called on priests to enlighten their flock out of such practices even as he described such feedback from the deanery as one of the good fruits of the assembly.

“Since 2001, beginning with the crisis in Jos, even here in Kaduna I think if there is any group that is the loser, it is the Church because a lot of our people have gone back to the practice of traditional religion.


Some people just come to the Church, receive the Holy Communion and still do all these things. We are not talking about defending yourself or doing things that will help you. We are talking about things that are clearly against our faith. There are things we can do to protect ourselves in terms of people attacking us but you should not resort to things that are contrary to your own faith. I am sure that everyone who really understands the Christian religion knows that what is happening is a serious matter of concern. This is why we gather in sessions like this so that we can hear what is happening in places and see how we can assist each other to strengthen our faith. This is a challenge for us as pastors. It is raising a question of catechesis.”

Mr. Danboyi had reported how Rimau Deanery has been badly affected by insecurity to the point that some parishes and outstations have been nonoperational. In addition to two members of the deanery who were kidnapped two days earlier, the secretary conveyed that, “Because of this insurgency, many people have deviated from Christ-like life to African tradition to seek protection - this is not good for the Church. IDPs should be given adequate rehabilitation and support by JDPC and other charitable organizations. Some people who face this kind of problem seem to forget who God is. The Church should step up in evangelization through the teachings of the Church to uphold the faith of the helpless.”

The scribe who prayed for an end to the ugly incident also thanked the archbishop and other bishops within the province for visiting to sympathize with them the previous year - a move he said strengthened them.”  


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