Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON) of Church of Assumption Unguwan Makama (An Outstation of St. Paul’s Parish Karji) celebrates youth cultural week tagged; “ENGAGE YOUR CULTURE”. The event started on 2nd June and ended on 4th June, 2023, featuring; health talks, drama, cultural dance and presentation of dishes by Ham (Jaba) and Tiv groups.

The youth president of the church Bro. Jesse Kalat Sambo while declaring the event open welcomed dignitaries that graced the occasion and all those who spared time to attend the annual event. He stated that the aim of the event was to promote our culture; that the culture is dying gradually to the extent that children born in their own states of origin cannot speak their local dialects. He concluded by calling on all meaning individuals and groups to support the initiative.

Royal Father of the day; Chief David Yerima Sambo thanked the youths for the initiative. He commented that foreigners (White people) admire our culture and are very proud of it more than we do. He continued by saying that because of our mentality, when someone does not know how to speak English fluently, people see that person as an illiterate even when he/she can speak his/her own native dialect fluently, forgetting that not all foreign countries speak the English language as their lingua franca e.g China, France, Portugal, Cuba, Germany, Poland, Argentina etc. Some of them don’t understand English and yet we have so much respect for them. We have to understand that English is someone’s language. Africans should be proud speaking their own local languages and identify with their cultures and traditions. He concluded that, people will respect us only when we respect ourselves and our own God given cultures, there is no two ways about it than to promote it. He called on all present at the event to promote our cultures in every little way possible.

Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Danjuma Sylvester Achi thanked the youths for their foresight, he advocated that the event should not only end at the church premises, but make it a bigger celebration so as others will buy the great idea. He said, any society that does not respect and cherish her culture will not be respected by strangers. He stated that, many of the foreigners coming into Nigeria are been attracted by our rich cultural heritage. He pledged his support to the youths to sustain the initiative. He expressed his joy over the cultural dance displayed by the youths.

The Church Council Chairman Mr. Christopher Waje Dogo, commented that the event is not only promoting our culture but also promoting the church, that the church will continue to support them in everywhere necessary. He encouraged the youths not to get tired with the good work they are doing and prayed that God bless them and keep them.

Chairman organizing committee of the event Bro. Justin Ayok Sambo thanked members of the high table for honouring their invitation even with the short notice. He appreciated members of the church for their support both financially and otherwise. He stated that, the youth cultural week is an annual event, hopefully that of next year (2024) will be more interesting.

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