CNS: You are welcome to St Theresa of the Child Jesus' Parish on this very important pastoral visit. You just wedded 17 couples in Holy matrimony. What is really the significance of this event?

HIS GRACE: First and foremost, the visit is to strengthen the Christian community in the practice of their faith. Usually, when pastoral visits are arranged the parish concerned usually lines up a series of activities it want me to perform. In this particular occasion, today 4th and tomorrow 5th, activities are already in place. Today, 16 couples shall be joined while a couple will be accepted into the Catholic Church because they were baptized yesterday and will be fully admitted into the Catholic Church today. Most of these couples have not been having full participation in the church especially that they do not take part in receiving Holy Communion. But today, they will be fully admitted into the family of the church as all hindrances shall be removed. Therefore today we have sanctified their marriage. It is a joyful and an important day in the life of the Catholic Church, meaning that they have entered into the full communion with the Church.

CNS: Your Grace, how do you rate your priests in the performance of their Pastoral duties?

HIS GRACE: I really can’t use a parish to judge my Parishes. But as far as my Priests are concerned they are doing very well using their individual gifts and ingenuity. You should note that more than 40 of my parishes are highly challenged by insecurity. But nevertheless, my Priests have been discharging their duties in spite of challenges. Therefore, I can safely say my Priests are currently doing their best so far in the discharge of their duties.

CNS: How can you create the momentum for your priests to heed the marching orders to increase the tempo of their activities and get more of the faithful to be Sacramentally aligned, especially as regards the Holy Wedlock?

HIS GRACE: I mean it is the work of the priest. Every priest of the Catholic Church is not only appointed for Catholics. Priests are to cater for all within the community and bring them to the faith.

They should not rest on their oars but to see this job done and of course, done well.

CNS: The situation of Nigeria politically is unsettled, what is your view?

HIS GRACE: I don’t think there is uncertainty. Election has been conducted, results, especially of the presidential election, have been challenged from the tribunal to the apex court. The Supreme Court has spoken whether wrongly or rightly. [Since] pronouncement has been made, anyone who has grievances can really do nothing about it. Supreme Court has affirmed that Tinubu won. Governance is now expected. The government of the day should begin to put its acts together and deliver the dividends of democracy.  People should work together to deliver the goods. Incidentally, the current Government is a continuation of the previous government and we expect them to do things differently now.  Things are unnecessarily difficult for everyone at the moment, I expect the government of the day to change the narrative and make life a lot better than what we are going through now. I feel this is the most needful thing now at the moment.

The Archbishop paid a two-day Pastoral visit to of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Kurmin Mashi, Kaduna State to join 17 couples in Holy Matrimony, confirm 21 persons, and give First Holy Communion to 38 children. It was indeed a historic event.



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