It was a day of joy and clinking of glasses on the morning of Tuesday 11th July, 2023 when Redemptorist Priests, ordained over a decade ago, con-celebrated mass to observe their 13th Priestly Ordination Anniversary at St Francis of Assisi, Gonin Gora, Kaduna.

They are Revd. Fr. John Ogiehor - host, Revd. Fr. Jude Dibia, Revd. Fr. Paul Adegoriola and Revd. Fr. Alphonsus Olawanle. According to Revd. Fr. Adegoriola three other members of the class of seven were not able to meet up with the date for the annual ceremony due to pressing official engagements.

Only regular morning Mass attendees savoured what was described as 'Special Morning Mass', on that Tuesday, officiated by the visiting celebrants.

In his homily, Fr. Adegoriola commended parishioners of St Francis of Assisi for their contribution towards the building of a 'One in Town' catholic church in Kaduna. He said he witnessed when the initial structure collapsed and the present one came up, saying, 'That's because God does not want a bad job'.

He prayed God to bless the works of the hands of the parishioners and bless their families with good health of body and mind, even as He grants them their hearts' desires. He described the parishioners of Gonin Gora Kaduna as good followers of good leadership which is the reason the church will be among projects for dedication next year.

Father Adegoriola thanked the parishioners as good hosts and said, "it is our practice for one of us to host our ordination anniversary so it is your turn good people of St Francis of Assisi Gonin Gora, Kaduna."

The morning mass was followed by cutting of the anniversary cake while the Parish Pastoral Council Chairman, Bro Gabriel Jibrin, who congratulated the priests, also presented them with token gifts. The priests commended the parishioners and admonished them not to relax even as they prayed God to bless and protect them.

The host Parish Priest, Revd. Fr. John Ogiehor, in his remarks, said, "I want to register my sincere appreciation to you all, my parishioners, for celebrating me and my classmates on the occasion of our priestly anniversary. The show of love, prayers, gifts and  many wishes and calls cannot be taken for granted. May God bless you all. You too will be celebrated by God."

By John Fwah


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